10 Cool Science Experiments For Kids – big and small – From Rookie Parenting Science

Your baby’s brain starts developing from birth. From then on it is incredibly important for your child to explore everything through their different senses. As they grow older, they learn more and will come to a point where they’ll be able to start learning by doing experiments on their own (under adult supervision at first of course). We’ve compiled a list of 7 different science experiments, starting at pre-school and ending with high school, from Rookie Parenting Science, that you can do with your kids, and that they can do by themselves one day. Click on the image if you want to try an experiment out 🙂

Pre-School – Shape Visualization

shape visualization
Use play-doh, sweets, and toothpicks to build structures. Fun and yummy. Make sure your little ones are careful with sharp toothpick points!

Grade 2 – Finding Iron In Soil – Easy Iron Extraction Experiment

Teach your child a simple extraction experiment and let them know that iron and copper don’t just come from a shop. They are natural elements!

Grade 3 – Light And Shadow – Shadow Drawing Activity

Drawing with light and shadow is such an easy and yet fun activity for little kids. It helps them understand the starter points of physics. It is extremely educational when observing different ways a shadow is cast at a different time of day.

Grade 5 – Does Water Conduct Electricity?

We are all taught from a very young age to never touch an electrical appliance with wet hands and to never use anything electrical near water. You can do really cool controlled experiments to show your child why.

Grade 7 – Colour Changing Flowers Science Project

Roses are great for doing a colour changing experiment. They change colours in about half a day. Other types of flowers can take a lot longer so it’s best to stick to roses.

Grade 10 – Make A Square Bubble

Most children (and adults) have only seen sphere shaped bubbles, but with this experiment, you can make a block bubble. Super fun!

Grade 12 – Growing Crystals For Kids – Crystal Rainbow

This crystal rainbow experiment is the perfect project to satisfy any kid’s rainbow craving.
It’s super easy and only takes 2-3 hours for the crystals to form nicely.

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