4 Tips To Help Busy Moms Find More Time In The Day

Being a Mom can be at times incredibly stressful. Whether you have a full-time job or you are a stay-at-home mom. Keeping up with the daily stresses of running a household is difficult.

In an interview with Peter Bregman, he talks about tips to maximizing productivity. He shares his secret strategies to help you get everything done, written in his book Four Seconds.

Here are his top 4 secrets to maximizing productivity;

Write down every task you do at home

Create yourself a list of tasks that need to be completed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Those recurring things that need to get done in and around the house.

Then out of your list choose 5 tasks that you enjoy and make those a priority. What is it that you really want to get done that will bring value to your life?

Is it exercising, spending more time having coffee with your friends or spending more quality time with your kids.

Let go of the guilt and delegate!

We’re all guilty of doing this. It starts from when they are babies, always picking up after them. Washing their hands, tidying their rooms, making them breakfast. The list goes on and on.But it’s time to let go of the guilt.

If your child is old enough get them to get their own cereals, clean up their rooms etc. This not only will give you a few extra minutes in each day, but it also teaches your child responsibility and actions.

Take this extra time to do something for yourself, you will find yourself being a little less stressed out.

Treat your home tasks like work

This is a very important point. And particularly when we consider the amount of time we spend on our phones.

Put everything in a calendar down to a minute.

That means including scheduling time to read, view Facebook, garden or sort your cupboards. Get organized by creating a list of tasks to complete. Treat your home tasks like you would do at work, and you will find that you will complete these with ease.

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Know when and when not to multi-task

We are all guilty of this. In fact, we’re proud of it. Multi-tasking is like a women’s right. But you should use it wisely.

For example, if you enjoy exercising, why not invite a friend to join you for a run or yoga class. You get to exercise and catch up with a friend.

Or if you enjoy cooking, schedule time to spend a few hours cooking with your kids in an unstressed environment. Don’t be rushing dinner, this isn’t quality time.

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