5 Fun Activities for Your Toddler While You Work at Home

With the rise of the internet, a lot of people can now work at home. Mothers, in particular, are taking advantage of this opportunity to combine childcare with generating income to support the family’s finances (because heaven knows how expensive it can be to have kids).

If you’re a mom, you may find this an ideal arrangement. But if you have a toddler – a little person who can do some things on his own but still frequently tugs at your nursing clothes for feeding – no matter how big of a multitasking expert you may be, you may find yourself unable to accomplish anything at all. One moment, you’re all set for a web meeting, and the next thing you know, your nursing bra’s out because the little one remembered, “Hey, I haven’t had breast milk in the last four minutes!”

Your required productivity level for work will prove to be difficult to achieve if you constantly have a toddler demanding your attention. This is why it’s imperative to plan activities that will keep your toddler occupied before you launch into your stay-at-home job.

To give you a helping hand, below are five activity ideas for your toddlers so you can do more work at home.

1.     Scribbling

Make scribbling a fun diversion to get your little one to leave you alone for some time. Buy colored chalk, and at the end of your workday, you can easily wipe walls, floors and other surfaces clean.

2.     Balloon Hockey

Buy a fly swatter and a few balloons that your child can chase and hit around the room. The little one can do this for a long time and will stay out of your hair so you can take care of other responsibilities.

3.     Pompom Drop

For Pompom Drop, purchase a bag of little pompoms from a craft store and collect your paper towel or tissue cardboard tubes. Paint the cardboard tubes according to the color variety of the pompoms. Attach the cardboard tube to your kid’s bedroom or playroom wall and then teach him to drop a pompom into its matching colored cardboard tube.

4.     Cups Stacking

Stacking is an educational game; your kid will learn figures and arrangements that he can associate with other things in his surroundings just by putting cups on top of each other.

5.     Mess-free Painting

Now, if you’re not up to cleaning up messes after a hard day’s work and looking after the little one, try mess-free painting for the little one. Your child will “create art” using his fingers but he will not get your home and himself messy because he will draw using homemade “slates” that you can attach to your glass windows or doors.

To make the slates, you will need Ziploc bags with blobs of finger paint inside. Close the bags securely and tape them to the window or door.

Hopefully, the aforementioned activities for toddlers help you in managing your home-based job and motherhood.

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Merril Bainbridge

At 16, Merril Bainbridge began her career in the Australian fashion industry. In her early 20's she left to launch a successful Pop Music career, which saw her at the top of the US Music Charts. Retiring to start a family, she found a new purpose helping breastfeeding women with her fashion label, Peachymama.