7 Easy Interior Decorating Hacks for Your Home

Your home is the one place where you can relax and unwind at any time. Therefore, it is important to create a space that feels comfortable with a warm and cosy atmosphere. Interior decorating plays an essential role in creating the perfect ambience. From the paint you use on the walls, to the furniture, every part works together to create a certain tone. If you feel that everything isn’t quite coming together, it’s time to consider redecorating your space. Unfortunately, it can often be expensive to decorate a new home or to revamp an existing one. Here are a few easy and affordable hacks you can use to turn your house into a home in 2020:

Hacks for your home

If you browse around on the internet, you’ll find plenty of innovative and creative hacks you can use to decorate your home. However, not all of them are simple enough to do by yourself, or cost-effective. Here are a few top hacks that are both easy and affordable:

Half-paint certain walls in your home

Half-painting certain walls in your home will create the illusion of higher sealings in your home and will also create an interesting new look. Use a darker coating for the bottom and a lighter side for the top half.

Use old necklaces for curtain tiebacks

If you have a couple of large and chunky necklaces you no longer wear, use it to tie back your curtains. It can be layered to create a bohemian-inspired feature!

Add glitter to the inside of a lampshade

If the lampshades in your home are looking a bit dull, add a bit of sparkle to it by gluing glitter to the inside. Not only will it create a fancy look, but the light in certain spaces will also create a warmer and cosier atmosphere.

Invest in vintage frames

A few old frames can create a beautiful rustic look in any space. You can paint them to create a fun, colourful look or you can frame some of your photos to create a memory wall somewhere in your home. Vintage frames are usually sold at second-hand stores for next to nothing.

Use stencils on unsightly walls 

If some of the walls in your home is looking a bit boring and bland, you can use a beautiful stencil to create a whole new look. It is wise to invest in professionally made stencils to ensure you create beautiful and neat shapes.

Paint old vinyl floors

Vinyl floors can quickly look old and unsightly. Invest in darker, non-slip paint and give your floors a brand-new appearance. If you are feeling creative, you can even add a few patterns.

Use old wooden planks to create floating shelves

Floating shelves can easily be made with elbow hooks and old wooden planks. Add some paint and it will look like expensive new additions to your home. Once you have your floating shelves up on the walls, you can place books and other ornaments on it for a beautiful, creative look.

Furniture is important 

The most important part of creating a specific atmosphere in a home is the furniture. Whether you want to simply change the look of one or two living spaces or want to revamp your entire home, finding the right furniture pieces can be tricky. First, you need to evaluate the space to see exactly what you require and then you have to set up a budget. Luckily, there are a few stores that specialise in quality furniture and often run excellent specials from time to time. It is useful to visit online websites that focus on the latest catalogues for the most popular stores, to find gems for your home. For example, if you visit latestspecials.co.za you’ll find the latest specials from furniture and lifestyle stores such as Game and Makro. You can create beautiful spaces with furniture from these stores for incredible prices.

Decorating a home is no easy task. If you have the budget, it can be a great option to invest in a professional interior decorator. However, if you feel up for the challenge and have a limited budget, simply follow a few hacks on this list and turn your home into the paradise you want it to be!

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