8 Ways To Get Kids To Take Medicine

It’s difficult when all you want is for your child to feel better, but your little one struggles to take the medicine that will do just that. It’s not nice fighting with your child, especially if he/she is not feeling well. Below are a few things you can try to make taking medicine an easier process for the both of you.

  1. Be Positive About It

    Everybody likes taking their medicine, it makes them feel better!” Having a good, positive attitude towards the process, or making it sound like it is something to enjoy will make them feel a lot better about having to do it.

  2. Give Them Options

    Giving them different options to choose from about the process will make them feel like they have some control over the situation. It’s also very exciting for them to be able to choose because they don’t have a say in some things. Ask them how they would like to take it, for example with a syringe, spoon or cup. They can also choose the flavour, or when they want to take it (before or after bath time).

  3. Avoid The Tongue

    If the medicine doesn’t taste nice, the first thing your child will want to do is spit it out. To avoid this, try making sure that the medicine doesn’t touch their taste buds. You can do this by using a syringe or dropper to squirt down the back of their throats or inside of their cheeks.

  4. Change The Flavour

    Try buying the best flavour that the particular medicine has in that range, or ask your pharmacist to change the flavour with flavouring made specifically for that. They can change it to flavour like chocolate, grape or watermelon.

  5. Use Food

    Sneaking a chew pill into food works very well with an unexpecting little one. They start getting better and no fighting had to take place.

  6. Invent A Game

    Inventing a game around the process of medicine taking will seem a lot more fun than just something your child HAS to do. Be creative, in the end you will both have fun and the medicine will go down without a fuss.

  7. Celebrate Afterwards

    Making a big fuss about what a big girl/boy they are, maybe even jumping and dancing happily will make them feel very good. They will certainly remember that instead of the struggle before, and will be more likely to take it easier next time.

  8. Suck On Some Ice Chips

    Numbing the tongue will make the medicine go down smoother and your little one won’t taste much either. It also might be a weird sensation for them which is funny and will probably make them want to do it again.

Although at least one of these tips should do the trick, if nothing works ask your doctor/paediatrician for some help. They might be able to change the prescription advise you to do something else that will make the process easier for your child. Either way, what matters in the end is ensuring your child is feeling better and that your relationship with your child is still great or even better than before.

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