Activities for Kids at Home During Covid-19 School Closures

As the world comes to grips for the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and more school closures become the reality, many moms (and dads) now face sitting at home with their children attempting to keep them entertained whilst some parents still try to juggle working from home WFM.

Social media, whilst often gets a bad rep, has certainly helped society as we exercise social distancing and yet still try to maintain some sort of normality many have turned to social media to communicate and share experiences.

We’ve highlighted activities suggested below for activities for your kids to do at home during the Covid-19 pandemic and school closures:

  1. Timetables

Kids love routine, we know this from when they are babies, and it’s no different when they’re at school. The only way to stay sane is to set up a daily schedule with hourly activities to keep them from nagging you every 5minutes to go on their iPads!

Here are a few great schedules being shared:

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2. Screen Time

When they do have screentime on iPads/Phones etc, look to encourage brain training apps like Suduko, Word search, Minecraft, Tetris.

If your children are young enough, take a look at all the apps they have available right now and do a necessary mass deletion of any that will not challenge the mind. Then install new apps that will help keep their mind active and help them to not become zombies.

Here is a great list of brain app games:

Elevate – Brain Training
MentalUP Educational Games
Lumosity: Daily Brain Games
Peak – Brain Training
Memorado Brain Training Games
CogniFit Brain Fitness for iPad
Eidetic – Learn & remember anything
Brain Kids
Math Brain Booster Games
Peek and Seek

If you child, like many, love to watch YouTube encourage them to watch a video on how to properly stretch to do a split, or how to do a cartwheel, or how to do tricks on your skateboard – videos that will get them active and fit. Instead of watching mindless Carter videos!

3. Excercise

About the most important part of the daily schedule, without it be prepared to have kids with too much energy. Include in your daily schedule, a walk, run or swim and be sure to put targets in place. For example:

Swimming: 2 x lengths in the pool for crawl and breaststroke. 5 x practise dives. 1 x butterfly.

Walking: 3 laps around the pool, or house or complex.

Running: Run for 5min, walk for 10min, run for 5min.

Yoga/Pilates – there are many, many youtube videos you can play to do a 20min yoga or pilates class with your kids.

Check out this live session your kids can join:

4. Virtual Playdates

Organise Skype/Facetime/Zoom calls with friends, make a 20min call and help your child to prepare for the call if they are younger – like giving them things to do or talk about. If your child plays Minecraft, organise them to join worlds and limit the time they can play together but organise it exactly like a playdate – a start and an end.

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