Popular “Air Lounger” Danger Warning

Air Loungers have become incredibly popular. They’re being advertised everywhere. And in most of the images you find people lounging on them by the sea or in the pool. However many are not aware that in fact the Air Lounger is not meant to be used in a swimming pool. Especially if your child is using it.

An Australian Mom recently took to Facebook to share her horrific experience with the very popular “Air Lounger”. In the post she warns parents to be vigilant and wary about using this product in water. Even though many adverts promote it’s use in water.

Her 12-year old daughter nearly drowned, due to the Air Lounger lining splitting and pushed her under water. There are no warning signs on the website warning parents about this type of hazard.

Moms, if you have this Air Lounger and you are allowing your kids to use it in a swimming pool. Please be extra vigilant.

According to the Edison, the original Fatboy. Inside the box are instructions that clearly note not for us in water. However, it seems apparent that other websites selling these are displaying images with people using it in the water.

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