How To Apply Online For Your Child’s Passport

If you haven’t applied for a passport for your child yet, then you’re in luck. Because up until now applying for a child’s passport meant standing in a queue for 3 hours at the Home Office, only to be told the system is offline and to come back later. Thankfully we can say goodbye to this outdated way of applying for a passport. You are now able to apply for your child’s South African passport online.

Here’s how to apply for your child’s passport online:

  1. Go to eHome Affairs:
  2. Register to create an account on the website.
  3. Select ‘Create new application for Minor’ and then select the option ‘travel documents application’.
  4. Complete the form, it will list the required documents. You will need scanned copies of both parents ID’s. The originals will need to be presented at the appointment.

Online payment is completed through the eHome Affairs portal and verified via your bank. Often the payment system is offline, and in some cases when you get to the appointment the payment has not reflected. If the payment system is not working you can still pay at your appointment.

What does it cost? You can find a list of all fees here:

Then this is where the moment of magic happens. Instead of standing in a queue for the original documents and biometrics, you are now able to do this at any Home Affairs enabled Bank office (check online for list of banks).  A booking is a prerequisite, but it’s as simple as selecting your preferred bank and branch and making the appointment. You will need to bring the original documents to this appointment.

Select the bank and branch location of your choice and then print the barcoded confirmation letter.

Once application has been successful, you need to make an appointment for scans and biometric at your selected bank.

Once the passport is ready, you will receive an SMS to collect at your selected branch.

Can we get a thumbs up for Home Affairs, finally an easy way to apply for your child’s passport.

Let’s share this Moms! Because we’re way to busy to have to stand in a queue for over 3 hours.

A couple of important answers to questions being asked:

You must have a South African identity number when you apply for a passport. In the event that you do not have a South African identity number, you must apply for the registration of your birth and for a South African identity document, as the case may be, first.

Husband, wife and children must all complete separate application forms.  Both parents and the children concerned must be present when applying for passports for children.

The following documents need to be submitted in order to apply:

  • Completed application Form DHA-73
  • If the parents are married, the passport application form must be signed by both parents and the child and both parents should be in attendance when the application is submitted.
  • If a parent cannot be in attendance, a letter of consent and copy of ID will no longer be accepted.
  • If divorced and sole parental rights and responsibilities in regard to guardianship have not been granted to one parent, the child and both parents should be in attendance when the application is submitted and both must sign the application form.
  • If a parent is deceased, his or her death certificate and a copy thereof must accompany the application for the passport
  • In the case of minors born out of wedlock, the biological father ’s consent will also be required if any of the circumstances as outlined in section 21 of the Children’s Act, 1995, are applicable, the child and both parents should be in attendance when the application is submitted.
  • If the applicant is in the care of a guardian other than the parents, proof of the High Court’s appointment must accompany the application.
  • If a parent cannot be located or refuses to consent, or a dispute concerning consent arises, the matter should be referred to the Children’s Court. The Court’s decision must be submitted with the application for the passport.
  • The child’s South African birth certificate and a copy.
  • Two colour passport photographs that comply with the Passport and ID Photograph Specifications (NOT needed at smartcard offices as ID images are captured digitally)
  • Payment of the prescribed passport fee

It is important to note that if you are travelling to or from South Africa with your child, you will be required to travel with an Unabridged Birth Certificate for each of the children you are travelling with.

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