Aussie Mom’s Brilliant DIY Wet Wipes

We’re just about to save you a couple of thousands of Rand’s. Thanks to this brilliant inventive Aussie Mom. (we may be rivals in most sports, but definitely united with this parenting hack).

Now we all know home made goodies seems to be for those Mommies who have plenty of time on their hands. But you need to take a few minutes to watch just how easy this little DIY wet wipes parenting hack is. And not to mention free of all chemicals!

Watch the video below as she explains exactly how to do it. (Spoiler: if you’re a fan of Coconut Oil, then you’ll enjoy this one!)

I make my own baby wipes – did you know that they have a huge list of chemicals in them (and we use them to clean our precious baby bums)
I find this the best recipe and way to do them personally.
I have had heaps of people ask me to show them how to make them the way I do and although I felt like an egg filming this 😳 (although my big boy thought I was good, bless his heart ❤️) and I didn’t really want to put it up here I thought I would so hopefully others can do the same 😊
Takes less than 5 mins to do and is cheaper than buying wipes too.

Edited to add…
Lots of people have asked the exact ingredients, it’s a basic decor tellfresh container, viva papertowels, coconut oil and biologika body wash (this is one of the more natural ones I’ve found)

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