Are Baby Seats In Supermarket Trolley’s Up To Scratch?

It is well-known that shopping trolleys and restaurant high chairs contain more germs than a public toilet. But when they are unsafe this is a major concern.

This Mom recently took to Facebook to share her experience when taking her 9-month old to the shops and attempting to use the baby seat attached to the stores trolley. The result was in the end she couldn’t and didn’t want to use the baby seat provided due to safety concerns. This Mom, who wishes to remain anonymous along with the stores name, sent the photo and confirmed the store contacted her to say that they would be investigating further.

The reasons she gave for not using thebaby seat, included (which can clearly be seen in the photo):

1. The instructions state to use the straps, but as you can see in the photo there are no straps to strap in the baby in safely.
2. The chair was unstable and when looking at the back, the one side was attached to the trolley with string no thicker than a shoe lace.

The image posted on a Facebook group got several Moms commenting with similar experiences:

I never used the trolley seat for safety and hygiene purpose, if my baby was asleep I went in with his seat and put on the normal trolley.if he wasn’t asleep I would use the carrier or just took my domestic/hubby with so I can push the trolley and she minds the baby

Almost every store I’ve ever been to one cannot use the trolleys with those seats. I had my daughter in it once and never again.

Personally I would never put my child on those things. The sight of them makes me sick

Most of them look like that, I also went to a shop in Centurion over the weekend. Same thing!

Going shopping with a baby is no easy task. First you have to get your timing spot on when it comes to sleep and feeding schedules. Then you need to pack the kitchen sink for ‘just in case’. Finally by the time you get in the car you’ve probably realised you’re going to hit peak hour traffic. By the time you reach the shops you’re already on your last nerve.

All you want is to get baby out of the car seat, screaming no doubt, and into a safe and clean baby seat in a trolley. Complete your shopping and get home again.

The problem it seems is that majority of stores in South Africa are not making priority for their customers by checking baby seats and replacing those which are unhygienic and unsecured. It’s bad enough in this country we don’t have priority parking for Moms with young kids, but stores should be named and shamed for this type of complete lack of customer respect.

Please comment on your experience and name the store! Let’s unite to force the stores to make changes to support busy Moms.

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