BBC Live Interview Crashed By Dancing Toddlers

If you have ever tried to work from home with the kids in the house. You will know this is a recipe for disaster. Kids have no comprehension of what they should and should not be doing and or saying whilst you are working. Trying to keep them under control is near impossible, especially if you are a Mom. Even if you have help at home, somehow they always seem to find you!

Being a work at home Mom, I once had to do a conference call in the car, parked inside the garage. I had our helper there looking after them, so I quietly left them playing to hop onto a call. Somehow though they managed to find me. And for the last 10 minutes of the call, I had these two little bodies knocking on the windows and playing silly buggers. It was endearing, however if I had been on a video call this would have been a disaster.

This professor in the UK however was not so lucky. During a live interview on BBC during prime time viewing. You can see him sitting in his office, the interview is going as it should. And then it happens.

His BBC live interview gets crashed by his two very VERY cute dancing toddlers.

Anyone who has kids will definitely have seen the funny side. Even if many thought the Mom was the Nanny. Watch the interview here with all the family invited to a second live interview:

If you enjoyed the above, then you’re going to enjoy Trevor Noah’s take on this video in the The Daily Show.

Feeling like a good laugh? Watch here:

What would a funny moment be without a GIF:

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This family have since become celebrities in their own right. Being interviewed on various talk shows. And thankfully the family saw the funny side, and they cleared the air that the so called Nanny was in fact the Mom!

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