Best Baby Carriers

Whether this is your first child or your second, having a baby carrier definitely comes in handy. This is particularly true for those moments where a pram or stroller just will not do.

Choosing the right one can always be difficult. There are so many choices out there today each with their own features and benefits.

We’ve listed the top selling baby carriers and included what makes them unique. We recommend visiting a store and trying one on to see which is more comfortable for you.

Here is a list of the best baby carriers:

Pod Baby Carriers

Prices range from R795.  The Pod Baby carriers are ergonomic and lightweight, made from 100% cotton with dual adjustable shoulder straps. The pattern comes in a variety of colours of fun and contemporary colours.The built in draw string helps you adjust the seat of your carrier. With a 20kg weight limit. Plus their baby carriers are Proudly South African.

Charcoal and Pink Organic Baby Carrier

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African Baby Carrier

Comes in a range of newborn, original and deluxe carriers. Can be used for front and back carrying and from 4 months of age/as soon as the baby can hold its own head, until 3 years of age or up to 20kg’s. The deluxe has multi adjustment options to accommodate the growth of a baby up to 22kg’s, it too adjusts to fit Mum’s body like a glove, ensuring maximum comfort for both.


5-in1- Padded Carrier

This safe and supportive padded baby carrier is both comfortable and convenient. It allows you to carry your little one in up to 5 different ways.

5-in-1 Padded Baby Carrier

Chelino Snuggly Carrier

The Snuggly 2-in-1 carrier is forward facing and inward facing and is convenient and easy to use. The Snuggly carrier gives the parent better stability when putting baby into the carrier. From 3.5kg’s to 9kg’s (approx.. 3-9 months)


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