Best Keyboard for a Child to Learn Piano

Music is a great gift and skill you can give to your child.

Encouraging your son or daughter to learn keyboards will give them a hobby for life, a skill that provides opportunity, and maybe even a career. Since it’s quite a significant decision, It’s normal to have concerns before investing in one. Some keyboards can be expensive, uninspiring, and a waste of space if abandoned if your child loses interest.

That’s why it’s important to make the right decisions when purchasing a keyboard, so here are some of the best keyboards for a child to learn piano on.

Roland E-X20 Keyboard – Ideal entry-level student keyboard

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This keyboard is reliable and has great quality and expression. It’s budget-friendly and space-saving as well as light & portable at only 5kg.

Yamaha PSR 363 – Ideal for young students

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The Yamaha PSR 363 has touch-sensitive keys which allow for expressive, dynamic performances. Playing the keys heavily will get you louder tones, playing softly will result in quieter sounds. The PSR-E363 features a comprehensive library of 574 instrument Voices that will allow you to enjoy playing any musical genre.


Samick N2 Stage Piano



This keyboard boats high quality piano sounds and multi-layered programmed voices. The end result is a dynamic and rich instrument with beautiful piano sounds. The Samick N2 Stage Piano has 88 hammer action weighted keys with touch response.


Casio Lighting Keyboard LK-135


The LK-135 is perfect for learning and the ideal introduction to the illuminated key learning system. The wide range of tones and rhythms will inspire your child to practice diligently.


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