5 GPS Kids Tracking Devices Under R2000

A child goes missing every 5 hours in South Africa and as many as 1.2 million children are being trafficked every year. This is a shocking statistic and is not only a local problem, but a massive global concern. Thankfully for technology we now have affordable GPS tracking devices for our beloved little ones.

We’ve put together a list of these top 5 GPS tracking devices that are available to buy in South Africa and are under R1500. We think they’re pretty cool devices.

GW400S GPS Kids Tracking Watch (Waterproof)

Price: R1199, BusyMoms.co.za

The waterproof GPS kids watch allows your kids to take a shower, run in the rain or even swim (although it is not recommended to swim longer than 5-10minutes). It features GPRS real-time tracking and monitoring. SOS emergency button, emergency alarm, electric fence alarm and low battery alarm. The SOS emergency call function calls the three emergency numbers you set. It also features remote monitoring; dial into the watch to hear what is happening around your child.

Picture of GPS Kids Watch: New GW400X

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KT07 GPS Kids Tracking Watch with Camera

Price: R1299, BusyMoms.co.za

GPS Kids watch, waterproof with two-way calling, built-in camera and SOS emergency. Perfect for keeping an eye on your child anywhere they are located.

Picture of GPS Kids Watch: New KT07

GPS Watch for Teenagers

Price: R1499, GPSKidsWatch.co.za

This watch is for teenagers who are fashion conscious or for adults. It’s a silica gel material strap. The watch features SOS emergency call function, real-time GPS monitoring and positioning. Call your child and your child can call you. You can see where the watch is on a map via the App. You are able to set electronic fence, if the watch goes outside this fence you will receive a alarm notification. Remote monitoring – using the microphone you are able to call into the watch to hear what is happening around your child.

Picture of GPS Tracking Watch - GW700 (Adult/Teenagers)

GPS Kids Sports Watch

Price: R1699, GPSKidsWatch.co.za

**NEW Waterproof Kids GPS Sports Watch. Same great features but with a more durable strap cover for active kids. Daily waterproof usage like washing hands, getting wet in the rain or a short time swimming in the pool. (We advise not to wear in the water for more than 30min swimming at a time). When in water check the SIM slot lock tightly. Features include voice intercom, two-way communication, GPS + LBS + WiFi Enabled and SOS emergency call. Download the App to monitor and view location.

Picture of GPS Kids Sports Watch (Waterproof)

8. GPS Adult Watch for the Elderly

Price: R2199, GPSKidsWatch.co.za

This is the perfect watch for the wandering elderly. It’s a great watch for people who are concerned about their parents. The watch features built-in hear rate monitoring, GPS, LBS and WiFi positioning. It includes two-way communication (they can call you and you can call the watch). It includes a phone book, talk back option and health monitoring. Plus SOS emergency button calling. Alarms for when the watch is taken off, outside the geo-fence area you set up or the battery is running low.

Picture of Elderly GPS Watch EW200 With Heart Rate Monitoring

It can happen to you, watch this horrifying video but quick reaction by this mother:

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