How To Block Channels On DSTV (Parental Control)

If you have a toddler in the house with an older sibling you may have already experienced your eldest channel hoping. If you haven’t get prepared, it’s coming. And when it comes you had better have blocked those ‘adult’ channels. Plus the many so called ‘cartoon’ channels that really are just horror stories dressed as cartoon programs.

In particular has anyone actually sat down with their child and watched Cartoon Network on DSTV?

Recently I did with my son, 6 years-old, and I could not believe the gruesome story line and graphics I was viewing. This kiddies PG rated channel paints uses animation which makes it seem child friendly. However the characters were literally in ‘hell’, heads ripped off people and other gruesome actions. I was horrified.

DSTV editors clearly have not watched this channel, as it’s marked as a ‘Children’ channel. Yeah right. If you have a few minutes to spare, do yourself a favour and sit with you child to watch these channels. You may be horrified to learn the true story line.

We all know Moms are super busy these days. Trying to find time to sit and watch a full kids program is near impossible. So we’ve put together a list that in our opinion here are not suitable for kids viewing.

Here is a list of DSTV ‘kids’ channels we feel are not suitable for children below the age of 8 years-old (please feel free to comment below on any additional channels you feel are not suitable):

  • 301 – Cartoon Network
  • 301 – Boomerang
  • 304 – Disney XD

There are a host of regular channels with unsuitable language, the default should be set to ‘Family language’ which filters out words are silenced. But if your DSTV is not doing this, here is now to turn on your profanity filter:

  • Press the DSTV button on your DStv Explora Remote to access Settings.
  • Select Language Options
  • Change to Family language option

How to block certain DSTV channels, and set parental control (this is also a great tip if you feel your domestic worker is sitting all day watching DSTV):

  • Press the DSTV button on your DStv Explora Remote to access Settings.
  • Then select the Parental Control option.
  • You can block shows depending on their PG ratings by entering the default PG PIN 1234.

You are able to change the PG PIN to a four digit number of your choice. The PG blocking also applies to DStv Catch Up and BoxOffice rentals.

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