12 Brilliant Parenting Hacks

The Internet is not short of parenting tips and tricks and we’ve collected a few unusual ideas for you to enjoy! Why not send us your parenting hack.

1. Bring your play gym back to life!

Give the infant play gym new life! Cover it with a fitted sheet and it’s now a fort for your crawler. 👶🏼🏕 #parenthacks : @katandhouse #babies #babygear #forts

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2. For Twins or more!

3. Highchair accessory

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4. Get your child to eat broccoli

5. Healthy water bottle

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6. Forgot the baby bath?

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7. For those morning and afternoon snacks

8. Ways to encourage to help with chores

9. Trips to a crowded place

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10. No mess ice cream

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11. Bubble refill

12. Creative ice pack

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