Child Friendly Explanation of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

For many young children, it’s difficult to comprehend why they need to stay away from their friends and family, and it’s even more difficult for many parents to try to explain what the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is without causing unnecessary fear or worry.

Here is a helpful child-friendly explanation for the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19):

Download PDF here:

Child Friendly Explanation of Coronavirus

This guide, best printed out, tells a story of how the virus loves to travel and jump from hand to hand to say hi. Then it asks a question whether your child has heard about it or not, and how they feel about it when they hear the name. It gives your child a selection of emotions to choose from for how they feel: relaxed, confused, worried, curious, nervous or sad.  A page where your child can draw how he/she feels which gives you an opportunity to share your own feelings and that as adults we too also get worried when we see it on the TV. It then goes on to explain what the COVID-19 is, what happens when you get it and so on. It’s a great, child-friendly explanation.





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