Having Children Is The Best Thing That Happens To Your Future

The kids went to their Nana and Papa’s house on Friday for a visit and stayed the night. I cannot lie, I was very excited to say good bye. Shew thank goodness some quiet time, even if it is for one night. Once they were gone, I was busy rushing around finishing all the things that I had started during the day and never had a chance to finish. I then joined my husband outside where he was busy fitting a new cowl on the chimney. We chatted and laughed, and then when we were quiet, it was really quiet, almost an airy silence. We looked at each other and agreed that it was bizarre at how quiet it is without the kids. I never thought that we had noisy children, but the lack of their presence was very obvious, and I began to miss them.

The irony is that as parents, we cannot wait for our children to give us some me time, and then when they leave, we either spend the whole time talking about them, or counting the hours till they return. So yes we did have a bit of a chat about the children, but most of all, I was trying to remember what it was like before we had kids. I never remembered it being so quiet. I was trying to think about what we did with our time. When the kids are away, there seems to be so much less that we have to do.

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We decided to embrace the silence, we finished all of our dinner together without anyone interrupting us. The T.V stayed on adult channels the whole time and we actually got time to lie in bed and cuddle without one of us falling asleep.

There are so many things that we used to take for granted before we had kids, silly things that I would never have thought about, like talking on the phone. The phone is like a magnet for bad behaviour. Everyone will be happy and quiet until you pick up the phone, I know I am not the only one who has thrown things in the direction of the children in an attempt to keep them quiet, or run behind them looking like an octopus that is at a rave. My best is when you are chatting to someone who also has kids and before you can even finish your conversation, you sound like someone with turrets syndrome. “that sounds fantastic, I would love to, GET OFF THERE, LEAVE HIM ALONE, meet with you for tea, DON’T MAKE ME TALK AGAIN”, It must be quite a thing for people without children to listen too. You really do sound quite insane, yet it is so natural.

Taking a bubble bath, I used to love bubble baths, but since kids, they just are not the same. Either you run a bath, slide into the warm water and begin to relax. Wait there it is Mom, Mom, Mom, well I guess that one is over, or my very best is when you are in the bath and for some reason the other bathroom in the house is not good enough and your child decides that it is time to come and have a poo, in the toilet that is within arm’s reach of your head. Yip bubble baths will have to wait.

Do you remember those afternoon naps, the ones that you could take whenever you felt the need? I do miss my naps, when the kids were small, I used to tell them that in some countries it is the law that you have to have a siesta for one hour. That was fun while it lasted.

It never ceases to amaze me how you can call the kids 20 times, and they don’t hear you, but touch the wrapper of a treat that you have been saving and they appear in seconds. I remember when we were first married, we used to have a tray in the fridge that was full of chocolate and it lasted months. I would hate to see what my kids would look like now if we still had chocolate readily available. Sugar Overload here we come!!

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The other thing that I find so strange is how the dynamics change when one child is not there. It is irrelevant which child it is; things are so very different when one of them is away. My eldest Keagan, went away on school tour for three days last term, I could not believe that Josh and I were actually ready to leave the house an hour earlier than normal. The number of children you have definitely changes your home.

I love my family so much and I would not change it for the world, I just never realised what a difference having children made to every second of your day. It is like having a vase full of water, without any flowers in it.

Embrace every second as time moves by too quickly.

Republished with permission: magicmoms.co.za

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