Best Way To Get A Toddler To Sleep

Yep, you read right! And you’re probably thinking – not possible. But the books author, Swedish psychologist, Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin, claims you can have kids sleeping in just 10 minutes. The story of Roger the Rabbit, who travels with his mother to meet Uncle Yawn who will help him fall asleep. On the way, they meet other characters, like the Sleep Snail, who give tips on how to fall asleep faster.

“The entire story is focused on getting the child involved and to get the child to identify with Roger who will fall asleep in the end,” Ehrlin told CBS News. “The main goal is to keep the child focused on the goal of relaxation. One could say that this story is the verbal equivalent of rocking the baby to sleep.”

Don’t believe us – check out this video:

Now you’re probably thinking – where can I get this book? It’s available as an audio book from Amazon – click on the image below to purchase such a magical book:


Or you can purchase online from

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