Children’s Drawings Turned Into Jewellery

I would like to introduce you to a very creative Mom, Leanne Kay van der Merwe, who is a qualified goldsmith and started her own business in 2007. The project she is working on is definitely something special.

Being a mom, everything to do with kids catches my attention. I came across a Facebook page called Mommy Mall. As all 20 000 members are mothers and like me mostly interested in anything that can involve their children, I was inspired to think of something more child orientated. Manufacturing something unique and different is what motivates me” said, Leanne.

Obviously children are too young to make jewellery but they sure are creative and imaginative. Leanne decided to turn children’s art into something special that moms can wear. It started off with a post of a drawing made by a little girl who Leanne then turned into a sterling silver pendant and inquiries started coming in. Daddy’s were also included, by creating and manufacturing the cutest little key rings which turned out to be a big hit for Father’s day.

The process is so simple, you send a drawing that your child has done and Leanne prints it out to the size you want the pendant or charm. The drawing is then pasted on a thin flat plate of sterling silver. It is then carefully cut out by hand using a small jeweller’s saw frame. The edges are then cleaned with a needle file and goes through a polishing machine. After it comes out of ultrasonic it’s wiped down with a soft cloth. It’s then ready to go on a chain, bracelet or key ring. When completed a couple of photos are then sent for approval. If  100% satisfied, it’s then couriered overnight.

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Leanne commented, “Creating these one-of- a-kind pieces of jewellery has brought such joy and passion to what I do. To be able to fulfil someone’s dream of keeping a small part of their littles ones childhood close to their heart has been a privilege that I hope to continue.”

Check out these awesome pieces she created for Moms, what a fantastic initiative from a local South African mom.

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