Dad Shares Disturbing Facebook Messages Sent To 11-Year-Old Daughter

First off, we’re going to say this. Facebook requires everyone to be at least 13 years old before they can create an account (in some countries, this age limit may be higher). Creating an account with false information is a violation of the Facebook terms and conditions. This includes accounts registered on the behalf of someone under 13.


So we have to wonder why this Dad would allow his daughter to have a Facebook account at the age of 11-years old. According to this post, this Dad doesn’t allow his daughter to accept any new friend or messenger requests unless he has approved. But you have to ask yourself, how do you stop an inquisitive 11-year-old?

In his post on Facebook, he goes on to share that his daughter received a Facebook messenger request. He decided to message back this person and the reply messages are both disturbing and frightening.

‘Was going through my daughter’s phone and came across a message request from donald paninski on FB messenger. She had not answered him because she knows she is not allowed to converse with unknowns unless I approve. So I messaged him from her account. Please help me make this guy famous so that he will not be able to target another child.’


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