What Darren Simpson’s Announcement Can Teach Many Bosses (And Parents)

Today on 947 Breakfast Xpress radio show host Darren Simpson made a massive announcement. He starts off to say he has been with the radio station, Primedia Broadcasting, for over 7 years. Working on the 947 Breakfast Xpress team for all 7 of those years.

As he talks you’re led to believe that he’s about to announce he is leaving the radio station. In his voice you can hear it’s a tough decision for him. He does in fact go on to announce that he is resigning from the Breakfast Xpress Show, followed by his explain on why he made this decision. And his message is a very powerful one.

You can listen to it here:

Darren and his wife have two young sons. He explains that the breakfast show is an incredibly demanding job, as with many jobs. Waking up at 4am, as many do to avoid traffic, and only getting home when the kids are sleeping already. If we surveyed the working population in South Africa, no doubt we will find that most likely well over 60% are in this same situation. So we can all relate. It is not easy juggling work and being a parent.

Why is this message so profound? Firstly, it’s a lesson to the many company owners and bosses out there. Parenting is not easy and it takes it’s toll. Flexibility HAS to be a part of today’s working society. If you are not empathetic with your parenting workforce, you will see them leave and in their masses. In most cases it will be your hardest working employees, because over the years they won’t be able to say no. It’s who they are. But if you give these hard workers flexibility they will stay. As with Darren’s situation and his team members all moving to the afternoon drive show.

And secondly, it’s a good lesson to the many parents out there. Always put your family first and job second. Don’t miss out on those crucial years of your child’s life.

If you can, make it happen.

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