Fever Stickers Are Real And You’re Going To Want Them ASAP

Kids get ill, a lot. We have all been there. Your child is running a fever which you’ve managed to keep under control for most of the day. Finally, your child falls asleep and the last thing you want to do is to disturb them to take their temperature. And possibly wake them in the process, just after you’ve spent hours getting them to sleep. Then arrive fever stickers.

The best invention since sliced bread. Thermostrip® Forehead Thermometer is a colour changing thermometer sticker and fever information pack. No more waking your baby to stick a cold thermometer in the mouth, ear, or worse the bum. You simply put the sticker on your child’s forehead whilst they sleep. Then you can easily check up on them during the night without disturbing them. And what’s more it contains no mercury, doesn’t require batteries, and because it’s not glass or contains moving parts it won’t break!

This liquid crystal thermometer is a must have for the home, work and travelling.

This company even stock ‘Manflu’ fever stickers, this is about the best birthday or Christmas stocking gift ever! The Forehead Thermometer with a chart shows the different symptoms and treatment for cold and flu/man flu.

You can purchase them here: www.colourchanging.co.za/

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