How To Fix Your Own Car (YouTube Channel)

If you have a particularly old second hand car you will be familiar with the occasional breakdow. Even if your car is relatively new sending it in for a service makes you nervous receiving the final cost. Not to mention the minute you take it in, you get the instant sense because you’re women they’re going to take you for a ride.

Knowing ‘car speak’ definitely helps for when that dreaded call comes from the mechanic to say what needs to be fixed and replaced. And what it’s going to cost you.  But what if we told you there was an international YouTube star helping women to fix their own cars?

If you think about it, if you knew what needed to be replaced (like changing a spark plug or changing the oil) and you knew how to do it. Would you? Probably if it was going to save you a few thousand.

The world we live in with YouTube has made us all self-proclaimed DIY’ers and for good reasons. Today’s living costs are out of hand and every amount of money we can save helps.

A women started her own YouTube channel helping other women to fix their own cars. Jessica Chou teaches girls how to get their hands dirty and take control. For example, she gives a step-by-step guide on how to change your oil:

And another for ‘How to replace air filters’, which is a frequent service with our hot weather:

And this is one a goodie, ‘how to change your windscreen wipers’, so simple, who knew!?

This little video shows you how to check and replace a fuse (do you know how much a mechanic charges for this!)

Seriously, you need to go check out her YouTube channel. Girl Power!

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