Four Things Nobody Tells New Moms – But Should

  1. Don’t Double Dip

    I’m talking about bum cream. Sometimes, you miss a spot when wiping baby’s bum clean. You dip your finger in the bum cream, thinking baby’s bum is clean, wipe bum cream on bum, realize you didn’t take enough, dip your finger BACK in the bum cream, and eventually end up with a tub of bum cream that does not smell very nice. Make sure you take enough with the first dip, or use another finger!

  2. Socks are Handy

    If you have a busy baby like I do, they sometimes kick their feet out of the baby-grow’s feet pockets, especially if it’s still a little big, and they end up not being able to straighten their legs, and become extremely frustrated. Socks help make the baby grow a little tighter around their feet and more difficult for their feet to come out. Socks also double as gloves when you don’t have baby gloves, or like in my case, the little gloves are still too big for them.

  3. Secret Nappy Elastics

    Most moms probably know this, but I didn’t until my mother came to visit and watched me change a nappy. There are elastic type bands around each leg hole of a nappy. When the nappy is on, pull them so that they are fitted around baby’s legs properly, and the nappy will not leak! Who knew?

  4. Put Your Phone on Vibrate

    This one is a little obvious, but I swear you don’t think of it at the time! Always make sure your phone is on vibrate when you are putting baby to sleep on your lap or in their cot., because when they just nod off, and it’s peaceful and quiet and suddenly your ring tone starts blaring in your pocket and wakes them up, it’s not fun.

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