Free Online Learning For Kids

As we find ourselves home alone with our kids, many schools now offer online learning but unfortunately for many parents, this is not made available by their child’s school.

You’re not alone, and help is at hand. There are now many organisations literally offering free online learning platforms for kids – provided you have internet and/or data you can get access to these.

I have listed below my top choices, but please do comment below if you know of any other great free resources and help a fellow busy mom (we need it more now than ever!)

Worksheet Cloud

WorksheetCloud is a CAPS revision tool already well known and loved by many South African learners and parents. In light of COVID-19 they now offer virtual classes for free. The complete online CAPS and IEB exam revision platform for Grade 1 to 9 learners in South Africa.

The benefit of this platform is they are online lessons your child can join, each lesson is around 30min long and is delivered by a teacher. Plus they offer sheets for each lesson for a little revision homework. This is really great for working moms who need a break to get some work done!

I was apprehensive about my 7-year old liking it, but she loved it! I even had my 10-year old join a few of them before his school started offering online lessons. For my daughter, we have continued with them and we usually don’t join the live sessions but wait for the recordings as this way we have more flexibility around when she did them during the day (mostly when I had conference calls!)


Khan Academy

Learning started as a free online learning platform and maintain to stay always free. All of their library consists of trusted, standards-aligned videos, articles, practice questions and lessons are completely free for anyone who wants to use them. Again so long as you have a computer, internet and/or data you’re good to go! They offer daily schedules for students ages 2-18 to keep them learning.

I don’t personally have experience with this platform however I have seen many great reviews from other moms who have said it’s really comprehensive.


Reading Eggs

Whilst this one is not entirely free, and nor is it a typical learning platform it is great for little ones to practise and improve their reading. It’s an App that you download, offers 1-month free trial, and you get reports about how your child is doing. They collect golden eggs and it’s all developed in a game based way so they love it!

From personal experience, this has been a complete hit for my daughter (aged 7), not a strong reader as is and just within the first 3 weeks of her using the App I have seen a massive improvement in her reading. And the biggest bonus is she absolutely loves it, it’s a real win-win. When I need to get some work done, I know that I can ask her to spend a little time on Reading Eggs and she will happily agree. I have not reached the end of the 30-day trial, but I will most likely be investing in this App. ($59 annual subscription)

I did try this App for my son (10years old), and to be honest he did give it a good effort but lost interest quickly. So I would say it’s more for smaller children aged 3 years to around 9 years probably (but then every child is different so try with the free trial!)

They are offering free downloadable resources designed by experienced educators that support home learning


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