Horrific Video Showing Nanny Abusing A Toddler Raises This Question

As a Mom, it breaks my heart to watch a video like this. I literally had to force myself to press the play button. Before going any further let me say this. This post is not about black or white, this is about the safety of our children. And what we as working moms can do to help prevent this type of thing happening to our precious babies.


If you’re feeling particularly sensitive today, I suggest not watching. The video shows a nanny at home ‘man-handling’ a child in and out of the cot. It’s incredibly hard to watch. But the one positive outcome is that it was caught on CCTV camera and she has since been arrested. The incident took place in Namibia.

If you want to watch the video, scroll down.

The question I want to raise, is should we be placing cameras in our homes to monitor our little ones? Or is this a privacy issue for our nannies. The people we rely on so much, and whom our kids adore.

There are many nanny cameras on the market, but are they legal? According to Ivan Israelstam, CEO of Labour Law Management Consulting in JHB, he states ‘In my view cameras at workplaces are legal provided the employer has documentary proof that the nanny knows there is a camera – even if she does not know where it is’ he also states that the law does not automatically prohibit the use of the footage even if the nanny does not know about the camera.

What are your thoughts Moms? Would you install a nanny camera in your house, or have you already done so?




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