Hospital Bag for Mom and Baby

Let me just start off by saying that I am, to some extent, a less-is-more mom. Some of these lists you find online have all sorts of completely unnecessary items that you won’t be needing for your stay in the hospital. I’ve listed some necessary items for your hospital bag for mom and baby, but feel free to add some extra luxuries if you like that sort of thing.

Mommy – For During

  • Medical aid information, ID etc.
  • Snacks You need to keep those energy levels up to push and push!
  • Water to keep hydrated

Mommy – For After

  • Camera for the millions of photos you’re going to takeI just used my phone, but some prefer to use a camera
  • 2x Pajama Tops You only need to take the bare minimum when it comes to dressing yourself. If you are breastfeeding, you’re going to be half-naked most of the time anyway, in bed, with the covers on. To be brutally honest, I wore a set of pajamas for 2 days straight. Just remember to pack tops with buttons down the front.
  • 4x Pajama bottoms I don’t feel like I have to explain this
  • Undies and socks
  • Maternity Bras You can go to your nearest Chinese clothing store and buy some cheap bras with clips on each cup. They work perfectly. Proper nursing bras are super expensive, as if normal bras aren’t expensive enough.
  • Gown if it’s cold
  • Slippers Because hospital floors are cold and slippers are snug
  • Snacks If you’re lucky, visitors will bring you snacks too. I brought my own as well and they really came in handy throughout the day and in-between meals. Got to keep those energy levels up, especially because you are not so used to waking up to a hungry baby in the middle of the night.
  • Water Lots and lots of water to keep hydrated!
  • Maternity pads (Although most hospitals give you a pack)
  • Breast pads Whether you’re going to breastfeed or not, you will want to control the leaking
  • Toiletries (soap etc.) and a Towel for yourselfI didn’t wash my hair or brush it and I can guarantee you won’t either. Just put it in a bun and sort it out in a few days time.
  • Two-point plug and phone charger
  • Outfit to go home in


  • 5x baby outfits (or more if you want)In-case of poohs and spit-ups
  • Towel and baby wash
  • 3x Blankies 
  • Nappies (obviously), wipes and bum cream (Your whole diaper bag)


  • Nursing Pillow I didn’t use mine much in the hospital, but some might find it easier.
  • Lip balm I used almost a whole tub of my lip balm in the hospital. Hospitals are super dry.
  • Earphones To listen to the TV. I didn’t watch TV once because hospitals have the most boring channels
  • Make-up I didn’t use make-up once. I didn’t even think about it. I was either too tired or too busy to care, but if you want to look pretty for visitors then pack some light make-up in like mascara and BB Cream.. If you don’t, I’m sure they’ll understand, you having just delivered a baby and all.

Don’t forget to leave the hospital with your baby’s immunisation booklet and forms to take to Home Affairs if the hospital didn’t register the little one during your stay.

Happy birthing!

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