How To Calm A Crying Baby

It’s about the toughest part of the job, when it comes to being a Mom. A baby who cries a lot equals a very stressed out Mom.What our parents did before Google heavens knows, but thankfully we live in an age where information is easily accessible. And if someone has the best answer to a common problem, they have most likely created a video for it and it’ll go viral.

Below is this very type of video.

In the video a pediatric in America shows how he can calm any crying baby within minutes. At first you don’t believe him. This baby has that cry that just breaks your heart. The cry any Moms knows about. You questions you ask yourself. Are they hungry, should I change their nappy, have they got wind or are they overtired. So many ways you read about in the many books and articles available on how to calm a fussy baby. And yet in most cases you actually just have to trust your gut instinct. Your motherly intuition. In most cases you will find what you feel, is probably the right thing to do.

However, for many Moms with particularly fussy babies who have tried absolutely everything. And still your baby is crying. Then watching this video is for you.

What you will see is the Doctor holding the baby and with a simple position he manages to calm the baby. He holds the baby and gently rocks the baby back and forth. Somehow the way he holds the baby and the motion instantly calms the baby.

The video has been viewed over 24 Million times with over 90,000 liking it – he must be right!

You need to watch this video if you have a particularly fussy baby:

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