How To Change A Plug

This is not only for the single moms, but for all Moms who want a quick guide on how to change a plug. In true Suzelle style she not only makes it look easy, but also fun.

You’ve probably found yourself in a situation where you needed a plug changed, you asked the hubby and a week later the cord with no plug was still sitting on the table. If this is you, fear not we have our hero Suzelle to help Moms take control and learn how to change a plug.

Yes you probably did learn how to do this at school. But let’s be honest, you probably didn’t take notice and frankly didn’t care at the time.

The best part about this video is that you’re going to learn how to change a two prong plug into a three prong plug. Because seriously these manufacturers still haven’t got it right. Why do they insist on placing two prong plugs on women’s appliances. Just to annoy us? Have you ever noticed this. Take a look at your appliances next time. Your hairdryer, straightener, beater etc. they all seem to come standard with a two prong plug!

Well upon further investigation, the reason appliances are shipped in boxes with only a two prong is due to safety reasons. But we won’t bore you with the details of these.

Here’s how to change a plug from a two prong to a three prong. Who says changing a plug needs to be left to do by a Man anyway? Let’s do this Moms!

How to change a plug:

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