How To Claim UIF Maternity And Agencies That Help

If you are pregnant you are entitled to at least 4 consecutive months of maternity leave. You can take maternity leave 1 month before your due date, or earlier or later as agreed or required for health reasons. You may not go back to work within 6 weeks after the birth unless their doctor or midwife say it is safe.

Claiming UIF maternity benefits is a must as most companies do not pay during maternity leave.

You can either claim UIF directly at Home Affairs or you can use an agency. We have detailed below on how to claim directly and listed a number of agencies that can help.

Claiming UIF Directly

You will need to be prepared to visit the Department of Home Affairs Labour offices a few times.

When should you claim:

As soon as you go on maternity leave you must claim. You can claim for a period of 17 weeks. If you miscarry in the third trimester or have a stillborn child you can still claim for six weeks. No tax is payable on these benefits.

What documents you will need:

  • ID or passport;
  • form UI-2.8 for banking details;
  • form UI-2.7;
  • form UI-2.3 (application form)
  • medical certificate from a doctor or birth certificate of the baby; and
  • form UI-4  (follow-up form).

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Where do you need to go:

Complete the forms and bring supporting documents along. You will need to go to your nearest Labour Centre and submit the above mentioned documents. You may be asked by staff at the labour centre to go to the doctor again or to visit the labour centre at certain times.

How much will you get paid:

The Department of Labour calculates a daily rate (based on salary) and multiplies this with the number of days you qualify (length of time you have been contributing to the UIF). Them maximum days you can receive payments is 121 (4 months) and the maximum daily rate is at about R185 for a salary of R15000 or more per month.

It takes 6-8 weeks to approve a claim. So the first payment will be for 2 months and then followed by 2 more monthly payments.

Department of Labour requires you to submit the UI-4 form every month. Following that submission the monthly payment will be released.

If you are not able to commit to going once a month, there are a number of agencies to help.

UIF Maternity Agencies:

UIF Hero – offering services country wide.

Bunny Hop – offer a wide range of services, including UIF maternity claims.

UIF Services – charge a once off fee of R635

Awesome Moms – they charge a once-off fee of R650.

Baby Benefits – charge once-off fee of R850.

Little Monkey UIF Claims – fee is R480 and for late application R630 (if your baby is older than 4 months)-

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