Kid-Friendly Search Engine (Powered By Google Safe Search)

Children today are able to navigate mobile phones better than some parents. In this tech-age, with so much freely available information, it’s hard to keep an eye over your child’s shoulder every time they use your phone or iPad. Whether it’s for a school project or simply browsing the net, the chance of something popping up on the screen that is not child friendly is quite possible.

Finally, there is a kid-friendly ‘google’ search., powered by Google, ensures the search results and websites displayed are child friendly.

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So how does it work? filters out sites with explicit or deceptive content and produces kid-friendly oriented results.

Let’s take a look at Have you ever started typing into Google, something like ‘how to…’ and suddenly it auto-populates with what it thinks you’re going to type. Google bases this on most commonly searched phrases. When trying this today, just have a look what popped up…


Frightening right? Imagine what your children are reading and watching, and this is just one example.

When you type the same into it does not suggest any phrases, you are forced to type the entire sentence.

Video Searches

Children are most interested in videos, in particular browsing YouTube. So perhaps the most important feature, is the video search functionality. It only produces videos that are kid-friendly. No more sexy-twerking videos!

You are also able to report a site if you found it inappropriate and listed in the search results. Other great features include:

  • Large Arial font for easy reading
  • Privacy – they do not collect any personal, identifiable data. The logs are deleted every 24 hours.
  • using a .co instead of .com – separates this site from others. This is a ‘Children Only’ website.
  • Large thumbnails  – for easy use for children.

Go check it out moms, and add it as your browser home page.

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