How To Limit Your Child’s Screen Time (And Protect Them)

If your child owns a smartphone or uses your phone or iPad, you need to learn about this innovative app. What your child could be potentially exposed to is pretty scary. Too many horrific online games, bullying tactics and apps are making their way to South African shores. These are threatening our kids lives in so many ways. In this day and age you need to be sure that you protect your little ones as much as you possible can.

We found this little gem of an App. And it’s FREE for small families.

If you want to limit your child’s screen time and block to allow only specific apps your child can use. Or better yet schedule daily screen time allowance. This breakthrough parental control app let’s you manage your family’s screen time.

Not only can you monitor and control your child’s screen time but it also doubles up as a tracking device. You can track the location of your child’s phone using the geo-location function.

You can also help teach your child about time management using the scheduling function. Showing them what a healthy amount of time on the phone is. Also beneficial for parents to know for their own health.

The App is called OurPact and is FREE to download.

According to OurPact, 75%  of children sleep with a device in their bedroom. Shocking right? Probably not if you really think about it.

And would you really know if your child was using it when they should be sleeping? Most likely not.

This app gives you the power to block internet and apps across any network, inside and outside of the home.

The OurPact App allows you to:

  • Block/Grant Access. Block certain internet sites and/or apps.
  • Schedule. Schedule screen time through the day or week.
  • Set App Rules. For specific App you can set various rules on usage.
  • Screen Time Allowance. You are able to set daily limits.
  • App Usage. Discover which Apps are on your child’s device.
  • Block Texting. You can control to block access to texting apps.
  • Family Locator. Find your family using geo-location.

By using this App you will have peace of mind knowing your child’s location at any point in time. You will also be helping to protect them from online abuse and predators.

When it comes to letting your child use a smart phone it really is down to usage balance which is key. This App, OurPact, allows you to manage exactly this.

There is a pricing plan:

Free for small families with 1 device to manage, 1 schedule, 5 manual blocks per month.

$1.99 p/m for 10 devices to manage, unlimited schedules and unlimited manual grants.

$4.99 p/m for 20 devices to manage, unlimited schedules and unlimited manual grants.

To download the App, visit:

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