Attempted Kidnapping Of A Little Boy From Spur (Watch Video)

Many parents feel relatively comfortable going to a restaurant with their kids and letting them play in the designated play areas. Many restaurants include gates surrounding these play areas, are most are near to the seating areas. Plus a lot of places now have helpers on hand in the play areas.

Visiting Spur is no different. In most of their locations the play areas are located inside the restaurant. Deeming this to be safer than other places. But this video goes to show that you cannot, for a single minute, take your eyes off your child.

A mom recently gave permission to share this horrifying video. In the hope it will raise further awareness to parents to be extra vigilant. There is definitely more stories of these types of incidents happening in and around South Africa. With child trafficking on the rise.

The video is footage from the CCTV camera inside Eagle Falls Spur in Johannesburg. You can clearly see the child walking to the play area, a few moments later you see a man also walking to the play area. Seconds later you see this same man running towards to the exit of Spur with the child in his arms.

Watching the video as a parent is incredibly hard. Your heart races as you see the entire situation unfold. Always putting yourself in that position as a parent.

We have all been there, sitting in a restaurant enjoying adult company and letting our kids be kids. Taking your eyes off them, because we think they’re safe. Well this video really puts things into stark perspective.

Please watch and SHARE Moms! We seriously need to be more vigilant. The world we live in today is not what it used to be. Scary times.

Since this video has gone viral, Spur released this official statement:

The video footage was taken in Eagle Falls Spur in Johannesburg at the beginning of November 2016 and shows a customer picking up someone else’s child and walking towards the inside of the Spur to the table where he and his friends had been sitting. Eagle Falls Spur management immediately intervened and although the man insisted it was a practical joke, mall security was called and the case was reported to the police, however upon investigation the police chose not to prosecute.”

“The parents of the child were satisfied with the way Spur responded to the incident and the boy’s mother praised Spur’s management for the swift action they took. The family have been regular visitors to the Eagle Falls Spur since the incident.

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