Mom Shares Kulula Flight Ordeal With A Passenger Bullying Her 6-Month Old Baby

UPDATE: Both Kulula and Lanseria International Airport are now assisting with this matter. The Facebook post containing images have since been removed.

“A special thank you to kulula for their assistance, as well as Lanseria International Airport.

Thank you everyone for your care and assistance.
I believe we now have the correct people involved in exactly what happened, and hope to carry on in a positive manner.

Thank you again.”

When you’re flying with a 6-month old baby it can be hard enough to get them to sit still, let alone not jump up and down. This Mom shared her horrible ordeal on a flight with Kulula, traveling from Cape Town to Lanseria. According to this Mom, her 6-month old wanted to bounce on her lap (as babies do!) and her child accidentally knocked the seat in front of them. The passenger sitting in this seat then reacted by reclining their seat with force. The seat slammed back and hit her baby on the back of his head. It then forced this child to whip forward and slam his forehead on her chin. The passenger then proceeded to place his headphones on, in a clear attempt to block out her child’s crying.

The Mom decided to share her experience and post it on Facebook. It has since got over 5,000 shares. Kulula, tagged in the post, replied with the following:

“Hello Kim, we are saddened to hear you had to experience this on our flight. Unfortunately we are not at liberty to share passenger details. We do hope to welcome you and your son on board with us again and that you will have a more pleasant experience.”

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