Mom Shares Warning To Other Parents About Fidget Spinner

This Mom wants every parent to know abut the potential dangers of the latest hot toy, the Fidget Spinner. Kelly Joneic recently took to Facebook to share her horrific story of nearly losing her daughter due to this gadget.

If you’re not familiar with the Fidget Spinner, they are the latest craze and are being sold worldwide.

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There are many stories relating to the dangers of these Fidget Spinners. From causing distractions by kids taking them to school to this incident.

This Mom recently posted her story, you can view it below. She was on her way back in the car with her daughter from a party. When she looked in the mirror to see her daughter’s face turning red and drool pouring from her mouth. Her daughter looked very panicked and said she had swallowed something. Immediately this Mom pulled over and attempted to do the Heimlich, without success.

Frantic, the Mom drove to the nearest emergency unit where they checked for choking. They could not locate where the object was stuck. From there they got an ambulance transit to the nearest Children’s Hospital for an X-Ray.

After many attempts to place IV, her daughter was eventually taken to surgery to endoscopically find and remove the object.

As it turned out her daughter had placed a small part of her Fidget Spinner in her mouth to clean it and accidentally swallowed it. The Doctors at the Children’s Hospital had only just learned of these Fidget Spinners.

UPDATE: The Facebook Post has since been removed.

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