Moms Wake Up Call After Car Accident With Her 7-Year-Old

Car accidents are a parents worst nightmare. More often than not it’s not the parents fault, but rather another negligent driver on the road. Every child should no doubt be strapped into a car seat. Every parents knows this. From the day they are born we fight with our children every single day to get in their car seats and strap in.

But what happens when you relax the rules as your child gets older and allow him/her to sit in the front seat. Let’s say your child is over 6 years old and by all means you think they are tall enough to sit in the front. Would you allow it?

This Mom took to Facebook to plead with other Moms to think before they allow any child under the age of 12 years old to sit in the front seat.

This Mom relaxed the rules. In a recent car accident she allowed her 7 year old to sit up in front with dire consequences.

The car accident involved another car who reportedly did not indicate to do a U-turn, this Mom was then not able to avoid but hitting the car as it was making a U-turn. The result was that the airbags opened and subsequently knocking her child unconscious. At the time the Mom had thought she killed her son.

She now wants to share far and wide what happened, and to warn parents to never EVER relax the rules. The rules are in place for a very good reason.

What are the car seat laws in South Africa?

As of 1 May 2015, children under the age of three will be required to only travel in a car if they are secured in a car seat. Motorists who have children under the age of three unrestrained in their vehicle will be fined.

Road users are broken down into the following categories:

  1. Children are defined as being between the age of 3 to 14 except where the person is taller than 1.5 metres.
  2. And adult is defined as being 14 and over or taller than 1.5 metres tall.

A baby should be in an approved and preferably rear-facing child seat.  Older children (15-25kgs) should be secured in a booster seat with a seat belt on, preferably in the rear of the vehicle.

The Car Seat Support group in South Africa recommends:

-Extended rear facing to a minimum of age 2, ideally 4 years +.
-Forward facing in a 5 point harness until a child is mature enough to move to a booster. This is a minimum of age 4, ideally age 5+ (18 kg).
-Belt positioning booster until the child is 150cm and passes the 5 step test, usually age 10-12.

You can read the full Facebook post and photos below.

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