Must Have Water Device To Prevent A Child Drowning

Being a mom of 3 children under the age of 6, I am extremely water conscious. I have experienced a near drowning with my niece, and had many friends lose little ones in our circle of friends.

The latest drowning statistics for South Africa states that 600 children die a year. It also says that 6000 survive, but have brain damage. It takes only FOUR minutes without oxygen for irreversible brain damage to occur.

Many parents think it will never happen to them, but people don’t realise how silently and quickly it can actually happen.

The Medical Research Council consistently lists drowning as the third-highest cause of accidental deaths in children under the age of five.

Most drowning and near-drowning incidents happen when a child falls into a pool, or is left alone in the bath. Sixty to 90 percent of drownings occur in residential pools, and this is a statistic that parents cannot afford to ignore.

Although most children drown in swimming pools, children can drown in less than one inch of water. Children under the age of five do not understand the dangers of falling into water, and do not normally splash or cry for help. Drowning can be a silent event.

Although the death statistics with regards to drowning are shocking, the consequences of near-drownings are even more so. For every child that dies from drowning, five suffer from permanent brain damage as a result of a near-drowning.

I set out to find a device that can help prevent a child drowning. What I found is this amazing device, the Safety Turtle.

The Safety Turtle is like a watch that your child wears, strapped to their wrist with a lockable key. Should your child come into contact with ANY water source a very loud alarm sounds at the main unit alerting the parents.

It surprises me that with our high drowning stats that the Safety Turtle was never available in South Africa. I know how it has helped me with my three young kids. Which is why I set out on the path acquiring the agency for the South African market.

I have had my Safety Turtle for all three of my children, and it has been an absolute blessing to say the least.

My youngest now 2 loves his “cool” turtle watch and asks for us to put it on.

The Safety Turtle is an amazing device that has a main unit which is either plugged into electricity or a battery source should you be somewhere where there is no power point.

The Turtle watch is strapped onto the child with a lockable key,

The range is absolutely amazing and it really does literally give you another set of eyes on your child.

You may have multiple wrist bands per unit.

The Safety Turtle is like a cell phone once you have one you will wonder how you ever survived without one!

The Safety Turtle

Price: R2800, available from



At the price of R2800-00, this equates to just R2.50 per day! ( if you take it from when a child is 1 – 4 years old)

We encourage all child minders to be extra vigilant if children have access to swimming pools, ponds or any other body of water. 90% of children who drown are under some sort of supervision at the time.

Watch how it works:

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