Natural Cough Syrup Recipe For Toddlers

I found myself one Sunday evening listening to my child coughing, repeatably. The kind of cough that sounds sore and is very dry. Yes, you’re probably thinking why didn’t I go during the day to get something? Well, you’re right I should have been a good mom and rushed to the chemist the minute the coughing started. But there I was with no options as the chemists were closed, and when you live in a small town there are no 24-hour shops.

Sometimes in life things happen for a reason. By having no options, I needed to resort to researching. What I found (plus I luckily had the ingredients for) miraculously worked! My child went from coughing every 2 seconds, and within minutes of drinking this natural cough syrup, instantly stopped coughing.

Now you’re probably wondering if it was a once off. Well I decided to try it again, and 6 months later the same type of dry cough started. I quickly whipped up the natural cough syrup mixture, and again within 2 minutes my child stopped coughing.

So if you’re someone that is stuck at home without being able to get over-the-counter cough syrup, or perhaps you’re just keen to try a more natural one. Try this.

What you will need:

1/2 Teaspoon of Turmeric powder

1/2 Teaspoon of natural honey

60mil of Milk

Warm up the milk and place in a cup or bottle – depending what your toddler is more comfortable with. Add in the turmeric and natural honey. I found my child didn’t need to drink the entire 60ml, but more at least to have a few sips. The honey makes it sweet enough for your child to enjoy.

Would love your feedback on if this natural cough syrup worked for your child?

Please remember moms, if you child has any health conditions to always check with your GP first. If the cough continues, please consult your GP. Do not continue the above if it does not work for your child.

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