Natural Remedies For Head Lice

Children are prone to getting head lice at some stage. There are many off the counter remedies that you can use. But if you’re looking for a natural chemical-free remedy, then you want to try these.

Coconut Oil + Apple Cider Vinegar

According to some moms a combination of these two ingredient instantly kills off any head lice. Mix the two together, generously rub it into the hair and leave for a few minutes. Then rinse it off and all the head lice should be killed.

Tea Tree Oil

This little magic oil has many benefits. And getting rid of head lice is one of them. This is a more continued use method by combing the tea tree oil through the hair. Leave on for a few hours. Rinse off and comb the hair. Repeat as necessary. You can also use it on a daily basis by placing a few drops in a spray bottle. Spraying the hair each morning. It is a good repellent for lice. So if you know there is head lice going around, this is a good preventative measure.


Yes, good ‘ol mayo. It’s a rather yucky process, but one that is effective and very natural. The entire process usually takes about 10 days and you need to be prepared to rub mayo, comb and wash hair on a daily basis.


Although we’re not sure this is totally chemically-free, it is a good use of a typical product at home. It kills the lice, but not the eggs. Continued daily use will be required for this remedy.

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