Why You Should Never Buy Makeup From Wish

If you’ve not heard of Wish.com before, it’s a popular website that recently popped up selling everything from clothes to makeup. Wish offers products, which come directly from China, at a very low price. In most cases, you can wait up to 60 days for your goods to be delivered. Many customers have given great reviews about this site. Except for this woman, who took to Facebook to share her horrific makeup story.


‘Ok, so I am sharing these photos and my story because I never want this to happen to anyone else. This is super embarrassing for me and everyone knows how much I love makeup it calms me and helps my anxiety and makes me feel good. I never imagined it would make me feel like some kind of monster!! So please ladies please don’t ever ever ever buy makeup from wish they make it look like such an amazing deal for such an amazing product but they don’t tell you it’s counterfeit and contains harmful chemicals. This makeup has given something called folliculitis the chemicals in the makeup have seeped into my pores and caused havoc…..I never want this to happen to anyone else ever so share if you want to warn others!!!!!’

You can see her full post here:


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