The One Reason Why You Should Never Put Your Feet On The Dashboard

A fire station in Tennessee noticed recently many passengers traveling with their feet up on the dashboard. This is certainly not an uncommon thing to do. If on a long trip putting your feet on the dashboard can be a relief from the hard seat after sitting for hours. But this fire department wants to warn people why they should never put their feet on the dashboard.

The majority of cars have passenger air bags. If your cars involved in an bumper bashing or worse an accident these air bags will deploy.

Air bags deploy between 100 & 220 MPH. That’s 160km & 350 KPH! You can only imagine what that type of impact will do to your knees, legs and face.

Since the post went viral, many have taken to social media to share their horrific injuries from accidents where they had their feet up on the dashboard.

If you don’t believe us, watch this crash test dummy video demonstrating exactly what will happen.

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