Organised Busy Moms Must Have Gadgets

We found this great little site for all those who self-proclaim to have OCD. There are many of us. The website is and is run by women who are time-savers, space-savers and all round life-savers. And we can safely say they have the best neat gadgets to offer.

So if you’re a neat freak, then these little gadgets are just for you! Be sure to check out their site for the full range.

#1 Trolley Bags Set

Reusable shopping bags that are used to pack your shopping at the supermarket checkout, sized to fit larger deep trolleys.


Trolley Bags Studio 2015 Web-28

#2 Betty Ball – Bra Laundry Shaper

Keep your padded or normal bra in perfect shape and you can still use the comfort of a washing machine.

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#3 Flexi Drawer Divider Pack

Used for your bedroom, bathroom, kids’ room, even dad’s tool shed. Use fewer pieces for smaller drawers or use two boxes for a chest of drawers.

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#4 Over-door Hairdryer Hanger

For your hairdryer lying on your dressing table or in your bathroom all the time.

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#5 Tissue Box Holder

Because who likes a horrible looking tissue box lying around? The kids will love this one.

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Casa Tissue Box

#6  Toothpaste Tue Squeezer

Ever got annoyed my hubby/partner not squeezing the right way? Well here is your solution. Great also for kids toothpaste.

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#7 Upright Ring Stand

Organize all your rings and earrings easily.

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#8 Iron Holder

Make space in your laundry area.

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Iron Holder

#9 Sheet Sorters

Use this handy Sheet Sorters Labels Pack (iron-on labels) to label your sheets according to the bed size it is.

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Sheet sorters iron-on labels pack

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#10 Shoe Dryer Hanger

Dry your shoes easily with this stainless steel Shoe Dryer Hanger.

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Shoe drying hanger stainless steel available from Neat Freak

#11 Iron Rest

Prevent ironing board, or worse getting burned.

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#12 Washing Powder Tin

Keep your washing powder neat and tidy. Also a great way to see how much has been used.

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#13 Vacuum Cleaner Holder

Organize your cupboard and make more room.

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#14 Lid and Spoon Holder

Great for smaller kitchens and protecting your counter top.

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Wave Lid & Spoon Rest

#15 Tea Bag Holder

Great little gadget for tea drinkers.

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