Pierre Jourdan Wine Popsicles Just In Time For Summer

Just in time for the summer Pierre Jourdan announces the launch of their wine popsicles! According to JML Consulting, in brand partnership with established wine estate , Pierre Jourdan at Haute Cabriere in Franschhoek, the wine popsicles will be in-stores from 1 September. If you’re on any kind of social media channel, you would have already seen the infamous Fortnum & Mason Blanc de Blancs Frozen Champagne Ice Popsicles and probably wondered when a local winery would follow suit.

Pierre Jourdan have done just that! What makes this even better, is their fantastic blend of wines can now be enjoyed as Mommy lollies! What better way to kick off the summer, just got seriously excited about hosting a Summer party!

Check out their media video here:

Precaution Warning:
Make sure to keep out of reach from your children!

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