How To Potty Train A 2 Year Old

Potty training does not have to be stressful. Sometimes boys do take a little longer than girls. Trust your instinct, you will know when your child is ready. Here are a few handy tips to help you potty train a a 2 year old.

If you want to accelerate and potty train in a week, you will need to be a little organised. First you will need a potty or urinal, see below a few options:

Potty or Urinal

Boys Urinal from:

 Girls Potty from Takealot.

Nuovo - Bear Seat Potty - Purple

Then you will need to make sure you visit places where there is a toilet accessible, or best if you are able to stay at home for the majority of the time.

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Day 1 and 2

Let your child eat and drink as per normal, but every 15 minutes make him sit on the potty. Do this in the morning and evening for a few hours each time. After the morning/evening sessions you can put a pull up and/or nappy on.

Day 3 and 4

Go a full day without a nappy/pull up. Make sure to take your child to the potty every 15-20 minutes. It will take some dedication and probably best to do this when you can be at home all day. If warm enough let your child walk around naked, or with just a t-shirt. This will help your child feel the sensation, plus help cleaning up with accidents.

Before you go to the potty, ask your child – ‘do you feel you need to go the potty?’. This makes the child aware of the sensation before needing the toilet.

If your child successful goes to the loo, make a really big deal about it.

Be sure to give a reward, whether it’s a sticker or stamp or creating a chart with star stickers with the end goal of a bigger toy prize. You know your child and what best inspires them to do something good.

Day 5 and 6

Still without a nappy or pull up – every 30-45 minutes remind your child and ask if they need the potty. You will start to notice the tale tell signs, like boys generally skip around or become very fidgety. If you see this happening, say to your child ‘should we go try see if you need to go to the potty’. This keeps your child feeling in control, without you telling them to go. Many kids respond better to this type of scenario.

Or if you have a particularly stubborn child, give them the option ‘do you want to go wee wee in the potty or the big person’s toilet’.

If your child has an accident, never scold or shout at them. Don’t make a big deal of it, just say accidents happen. Remain calm and assure your child that he will get it right next time.

For boys standing and aiming correctly is the greatest challenge. Give him something to aim for. Ask Daddy to show him – even if you have to go in the garden to do so. This is a great bonding session for father and son.

Before going to bed, read potty training books. This helps to encourage the child to further follow through.

And most importantly, don’t get stressed nor show your impatience. Your child will do it when they are ready. If you don’t succeed after the first week. Give it a break for a few weeks and try again.

Good luck!

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