RECALL: Ford Kuga Recalled After 46 Vehicles Burst Into Flames

If you own a Ford Kuga, best you get down to your nearest Ford SA dealer and learn more about this massive recall. According to recent reports 46 vehicles burst into flames since last year. The company is asking owners of some of the 1.6L Kugas built between Dec 2012-Feb 2014 to contact customer services urgently.

“We are making every effort to  minimise inconvenience … however we will need support of customers to complete this process and we thank then in advance for their understanding,” Ford Middle East and Africa CEO, Jeff Nemeth said.

Captured on video, a Ford Kuga catches on fire on the highway. Luckily the owner noticed the smoke earlier and escaped unharmed. If you own a Ford Kuga, or you know of someone please share this with them.

Visit the site to find your nearest dealer:

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