A Replacement For Your Toddler’s Stroller – The Unirider

Let’s face it strollers in South Africa are really only used when we’re heading to the mall or walking around the neighborhood. South Africa is not like Europe where you catch a busy and/or train everywhere. We get in our car, park to the closest parking bay we can find to the entrance and then walk. So it seems as our children get older and have the ability to walk for longer period of time. That packing an entire stroller seems like a bigger mission than it’s worth. Not to mention that most of the time you spend fighting with your toddler to actually sit in the stroller!

Well this British dad is the brainchild of this simple yet innovative alternative to a toddler stroller. If your child likes a bit of adventure, then they will just love this ride!

It’s the real solution from a real parent. Simon Langham, designer wrote:

“Freddie reached the age of three, and he wasn’t at all keen on sitting in the pushchair for any length of time. Everyone ended up frustrated so it got me thinking. There had to be a clever solution to this problem. I had the idea that riding a single wheel could be fun, simple and speedy.

So I spent a Saturday morning designing, drawing and inventing in our garage. After playing with materials that I had at hand (plywood, a clothes rail, a broom handle and a wheel ‘borrowed’ from Freddie’s bike), I had a basic but functional prototype to test, and… the prototype worked! The gyroscopic effect of the wheel spinning counter-balanced the weight of the child and stabilises the unirider.”

Yep, sounds somewhat familiar.

Here you can watch the full video:

The price? $129 (roughly converted it’s R1800). Not badly priced then.

Learn more here: mountainbuggy.com

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