Reusable Ice Lolly Sticks

If your child is anything like mine then you’ll know all about reusable ice cream containers. My child could literally from the moment she wakes up eat ice cream until the moment she goes to sleep (of course I don’t let her). But if she had the choice that would be her staple diet.

Buying ice cream from the shops has since become quite a costly exercise, with ice creams ranging anything from R16 onwards. Not to mention the added sugar levels and other crap they put in ice creams these days. No doubt you remember from your younger days the ice cream containers, something like these:

No doubt you remember from your younger days these ice cream containers:

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Yes, those little sticks that keep breaking off and the plastic that also doesn’t last very long. And not to mention they were not BPA free nor dishwasher friendly( in fact most are still not dishwasher friendly!) and much like socks the lids or containers always seem to magically disappear leaving you with an uneven number. And if you have more than one child you will know how that goes down the next time you make them.

Well, we were super chuffed to discover a local South African company produce a BPA-free, silicone based ice pop mould.

Pouch Love, who also produce reusable food pouches, have now come out with reusable ice lolly sticks.

These little beauties are:

  • BPA Free
  • Freezer Safe
  • Dishwasher safe

They come in a pack of four, in a range of different colours and priced at only R150! They have lids

They are mess free push up design, conveniently attached lids so you never have a moment searching for a lid. And the best part is you get to decide what goes inside them!

Here are a few great recipes:

  1. Make normal camomile tea, let it cool and pour into the moulds to freeze. You will be surprised of their natural sweet flavour.
  2. Using plain greek yoghurt, mix in 2 tbsp of strawberry jam for a delicious creamy strawberry swirl
  3. Roasted peach, mixed with low-fat yoghurt and a little honey for a delicious  creamy peach ice lolly.

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