Shocking CCTV Footage Shows A Man Attempting To Abduct A 2-Year-Old Girl

My heart is racing after watching this video, so calculated and horrifying. I do not believe many parents and grandparents are not aware enough about this type of thing happening in our country.

Child trafficking has become a serious reality for South Africans. We need to make sure that every parent is aware of what is taking place in our very own supermarkets and shopping malls.

Watch this video footage at the Mall of South in Johannesburg. Be sure to SHARE this with your friends, partners, grandparents to raise awareness. You cannot be too careful!

Please parents, be vigilant when you are out shopping. Here are a few tips:

  • Do not turn your back to your child at anytime, always keep your child near to you or the trolley if they are sitting inside.
  • If you are at the till paying, be sure to have your one hand on your child’s shoulder or somewhere so that you will know if you child is moved.
  • If you child is old enough, be sure to explain to them not to go with a stranger and should someone try to take them, to scream as loud as possible.
  • Practice with your child in a shopping mall, if they were to get lost to teach them to go find an adult to help them.
  • Purchase a GPS tracking watch that your child can wear 24/7.
  • Write your number on their arm with a permanent marker, if you are going to a busy place and concerned.
  • Take a photo of your child, before you go shopping so that you will know what they were wearing, in the event he/she goes missing.

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