Stickeez Are Back!

Hooray, said no mother EVER! We will be yet again bound by Pick N Pay to shop at their stores. And forced to spend more than R150. Why? Because our kids will demand it of us! Stikeez are back in full force. And it seems their marketing campaign is as aggressive as ever. Watch their latest TV advert about to hit our screens:

What’s new?

There are 24 NEW friends to meet. YAY. Plus you can now download the free App and join the Stikeez on their latest adventure under the sea with their mobile game. Okay I have to admit this part is pretty cool. At least it will give us a chance to have our hands free (minus phone). But just a little advice here, the game also requires you to go into a store and ‘find’ these new friends. So if you’re not prepared to go to a store, perhaps delay informing the kids about this App.

For more info and links to the App visit:

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